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Recent Purchases

Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame (1971)

Mahavishnu Orchestra is a band I first heard about from a drummer friend of mine when we traded albums to listen to. I don't remember what reccomendation I gave him, but I definitely remember the first time I heard this band. The style portrayed on their records is a remnant of classic rock build-ups and psychdelia mixed with the free-from energy of jazz. Violinist Jerry Goodman adds a very unique sound with his electric tone and with interplay with the guitarist. When I saw this album I knew I had to buy it for $8!

Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior (1976)

Return to Forever was a group I knew about since their keyboard player Chick Corea had recently passed. I regret not getting into his work before since I can say everything I've heard by him has such a varying sound. This record "Romantic Warrior" has a frantic energy within all the instrumental runs the players go into. The whole band plays busily throughout these songs but they still manage to make it sound so smooth.

The Allman Brothers - At Fillmore East (1971)

Even though classic rock was the first genre I ever got into, it was while before I got deeper into The Allman Brothers. I had heard about the live version of their song "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and after I listened to it I knew I wanted to listen to more. Some of the best blues guitar solos are on this album since the jams go so long. Even with the long winded solos I think their presence is well deserved. Definitely a sound reminiscent of one of the best years in music, 1971!