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Record Store Experiences

One of my favorite experiences at a record store is when I went to Amoeba Music in Hollywood. I was fortunate to get the opportunity since my family was staying in Los Angeles for spring break. I had heard of Amoeba music through their active YouTube channel where they interview artists who visit the store and talk about what they got that day. The rest of my family were hanging out on Hollywood Blvd. but I since I was so close I had to walk some blocks to make it to the store. I made the treck over and was so happy I did!

When I walked inside, I thought I had died an went to heaven. The store was huge with rows of records, CDs, movies and more. The song "Halleluhwah" by the band Can was playing over the speakers. Not only was this my first time hearing the band Can, but the 18 minute long song was the perfect thing to listen while rummaging through the endless amounts of music at my disposle. Can has turned out to be one of my favorite bands that I've always returned to in the years since. I don't even remember what exactly I walked out of the store with that day (other than a t-shirt that I wore out), but I will never forget the feeling of running around the store with little time and discovering new things.